Possible fix for dragon soul glitch

#1lord_abortionPosted 11/25/2011 1:54:49 PM
I finally ran into the glitch where you don't absorb the dragon soul after defeating it. This may be a contained case but I managed to fix it on my file.

I killed a blood dragon from one of the dragon walls and didn't absorb the soul. I noticed that I was really far away from the wall so I proceeded to blast the corpse with unrelenting force and dual firebolts so send the corpse over closer to the wall. As he got closer I absorbed the soul and then proceeded to loot the body.

I then reloaded the save and fought the dragon again, this time staying right close to his wall. After defeat I immediately absorbed the soul. Seems you need to be close to the dragon's wall in order for it to count. If people have problems with the random encounter dragons I can't help there. Feel free to test this for yourselves, as I said it could just be a contained case.
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