Valthume -- puzzle door won't open?

#1WstonefiPosted 11/26/2011 10:55:59 PM
So I'm in the Valthume Catacombs, I picked up the Iron Claw, and set the wheels on the door to the right position. I use the claw, and the door won't open. Am I doing something wrong, or is this just a bug? Are there any known workarounds?
#2Wstonefi(Topic Creator)Posted 11/26/2011 11:05:08 PM
#3xxxrzrbakxxxPosted 11/26/2011 11:07:00 PM
odd, i just finished this place right now. The door opened fine for me, you sure you have the right things aligned?
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#4Wstonefi(Topic Creator)Posted 11/26/2011 11:10:52 PM
Yeah, I'm sure. Actually, when I first encountered the puzzle door in question, the three rings would not move at all. Figuring it was a glitch, I left Valthume Catacombs and reentered. Now the rings move, but the door still won't open when I have them in the right position.

Good to hear you did the quest without any problems -- at least that means it isn't bugged 100% of the time. I'm going to reload an earlier save and try again. Hopefully I won't run into the bug again this time.
#5xxxrzrbakxxxPosted 11/26/2011 11:15:56 PM
Probably just an unlucky bug then :/
hopefully reloading a save with fix the problem, wish you the best of luck!
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