Where is your house in Whiterun?

#1WaterLord87Posted 11/29/2011 5:07:07 AM
GT: Waterlord87
#2ArPharazon412Posted 11/29/2011 5:07:30 AM
Next to Warmaiden's.
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#3CaptainPiettPosted 11/29/2011 5:07:36 AM
right next to the blacksmith shop by the gate.
#4KronicTHC4Posted 11/29/2011 5:07:40 AM
Not safe to tell a stranger where you live...
#5Bonsai_TreePosted 11/29/2011 5:08:12 AM
By the entrance, next to the smith.
#6WaterLord87(Topic Creator)Posted 11/29/2011 5:08:44 AM
Oh. I was looking at the map, thinking it would be marked. Thanks for the answers.
GT: Waterlord87
#7CaptainPiettPosted 11/29/2011 5:08:55 AM
KronicTHC4 posted...
Not safe to tell a stranger where you live...

They seem to know anyway. I have people warp in my Whiterun house all the time if they're near me when I hit the door. I suspect Aela is playing poker with the ladies of Whiterun.
#8r9500Posted 11/29/2011 5:14:36 AM
It is on the local map. Mine is called Breezehome.