Best ways to get soul gems?

#1hritzdmPosted 12/9/2011 8:46:12 AM
I've started to enchant my weapons and keep needing to recharge them using soul gems. I recently got the soul trap spell so getting souls isnt a problem anymore. However, I'm finding the constant need to get soul gems for enchanted weapons kind of annoying and even more annoying the apparent difficulty and rarity of finding them given how essential they are if your using enchanted weapons. I know you can get them from vendors all over but most of them only have petty or lesser soul gems and the good ones are suuuuper expensive. I've found a few in the wilderness and dungeons, etc. but not that many and the vast majority are petty. So, my question is are there any ways to consistently find high quality soul gems without paying outrageous prices from vendors? (aside from the Black Star daedra quest that I've heard about)
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Hoepfully this will help dude:

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Just explore dungeons.
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Later in the game you can't move for soul gems ... it gets way out of hand.
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#5Gawain_03Posted 12/9/2011 8:50:13 AM
If you're not worried about "cheating" then you can get some decent ones from the invisible chest in Dawnstar.
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Anarchist_Apple posted...
Hoepfully this will help dude:

Is there anything you can't find on Youtube?!? :-D

eh, that dungeon isn't really special. any dwemer ruin will get you a stack of them.
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#7daveliciousPosted 12/9/2011 8:54:08 AM
I can't remember the name of the underground dwarven expanse... it's massive... accessible by a number of dwarven surface ruins around the norther part of the map.. Blackreach is what it's called!

Anyway, there are numerous veins of geode... which give you soul gems... I've even gotten a few black ones from it.

Alternatively, you can do the azura's shrine quest to get an item that will solve all your soul gem needs.
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Man, I wish you could come into my game. I have so many soul gems that I find everywhere. My conscience won't allow me to leave them. I see something shiny and I just have to take it.

A good place to look though is Dwemer ruins, since the Dwarven automatons usually have them when you kill them.
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#9ahogue82Posted 12/9/2011 8:55:46 AM
Azura's Star quest, NW of Winterhold. You said besides this quest, but it's really the best way to solve your problem. Without spoiling too much, you can either get it to hold infinate normal souls, or only black (grand) souls. Bandits become your best friend as they're a great source for free grand souls if you go the black soul route.
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dwemer ruins. dwemer spiders/spheres/centurions etc drop them all the time (often filled with souls too)
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