Vampire Werewolf Hybrid - No Hircine Ring Involved

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5 years ago#1
Being obsessed with the tv show The Vampire Diaries and their weird hybrid plot, I attempted to become a hybrid while sick in bed. After much research on the matter, I determined that nobody has even tried to ACTUALLY become a hybrid. They just used Hircine Ring, and I guess it is KIND of cool, but I wanted to be a real hybrid. I had one theory that was absolutely crazy. Yes, normally you can't contract one of them if you're the other due to disease resistances. But my thought process was a little different. What if you contracted both of them at the same time? You have 72 hours before becoming a vampire. I thought that if i timed it just right, I may be able to become a hybrid. I was right. Follow these steps.

(Make sure you have yet to complete the companion quest where you drink the werewolf blood)

1. Contract first form of vampirism, Sanguinare Vampiris.
2. Record the time you contract it.
3. Go to the underforge and prepare to drink the blood.
4. Wait for EXACTLY 71 hours.
5. Save and idle by until you become a full vampire.
6. Record time for become a vampire.
7. Load your last save and drink the blood the SECOND before you become a vampire.
8. The screen should fade to black as you become a were wolf, then the text should appear telling you your blood boils.
9. Congrats you are a hybrid


- I am no longer able to feed, but nobody attacks me as a stage 4 vampire because they all see me as a werewolf.
- I was initially attacked for being stage 4, this is avoided once you transform into a werewolf for the second time
- I am on xbox 360
- You MAY be able to do this without companions quest, but this was a lot easier to time since you instantly become a werewolf
- Happy hybriding
5 years ago#2
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5 years ago#3
i salute you for testing this i like testing stuff like this too
5 years ago#4
agreed tag
5 years ago#5
If you're lying I will hunt you down and kill you.

If you're telling the truth, will you marry one of my daughters? I have three.

13, 8, and 5.

The choice is yours my friend.

Choose and she is yours.
5 years ago#6
I'd go with 5 because when you get old and ugly, you can still look at her and not vomit.
5 years ago#7
They're all too old for my tastes but you should go with the 8 yr old
5 years ago#8
I concur. I agree, 5 is a tad to young albiet 8 is a rather pleasent age. Can she cook?
5 years ago#9
TAG: Death Denied

I'll go with the 8 year old. Nothing good comes out of teenagers or toddlers
5 years ago#10
They can all cook very well.

When they don't, I beat them. So, they're all pretty good at it now...
I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.
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