Un-Enchanted Dark Brotherhood Robes?

#1Shervin_maddahPosted 1/21/2012 3:19:01 PM
I've been browsing forums for quite some time and exploring every bit of the game world in hopes of finding a clean (un-enchanted) DB caster set. After hundreds of hours of game play I've yet to find any (only the two sets which you can get through quests).

Most people keep referring to the "worn DB gear" which is incorrect... So please do NOT reply saying go to the Dawnstar Sanctuary and they are there because the Worn Shrouded Gear is NOT the Shrouded Robes and Hood! =/

I just find it shameful that they gave zero love to the Mage class this time around, I mean it's still MUCH better than the Warriors (quest and gear wise). The Archmage's Robes look alright but far from the quality of gear you get with Dark Brotherhood or especially the Thieves quest line. Thieves guild by far top all other guilds, lore wise and gear wise...

I admit the starting caster gear may be decent (Thalmor and such) but end game content (levels 35+) are useless, in fact it seems that casters in general tend to be too weak after you pass level 40 since there is almost no way to boost your damage output as you would/could as melee with weapon grinding...

Anyway If anyone has found the unenchanted DB robes or has a method of getting them (Console codes are ok but no mods) please let me know.
#2DrNewcensteinPosted 1/21/2012 3:33:22 PM
Only way would be mods.

There are black robes and such that resemble the Necro dress (just without the skull) but the only set of unenchanted DB gear available to the player is the worn gear that cannot be enchanted.