Fortify Restoration Potion Glitch... can anyone help? What am I doing wrong?

#1minimang123Posted 2/10/2012 2:53:34 PM(edited)
Does anyone know if I got my facts wrong, or can anyone find out what I am doing wrong? So, this glitch:

1. Equip any gear you have with "Fortify Alchemy" in Inventory
2. Make a "Fortify Restoration" potion in Alchemy Table
3. Drink that potion in Inventory
4. Take off then Again Equip that gear with "Fortify Alchemy" in Inventory
5 (repeat 2-4)

I do so, and my potions keep hitting caps. Like say 110% or something. I wish to some day get most every perk for Alchemy, but I have no intention on getting any enchanting perks. I have three pieces of equipment with fortify alchemy, a Circlet, Gauntlets, and a Necklace I found. They will not exceed a certain amount. I've even tried alternating potion effects. As in, one with Fortify Restoration AND Regenerate Magicka, then make one with only Fortify Restoration.
I understand that after a point, the growth is exponential and massive. I have yet to reach that point, however. And, since some patch, you cannot just drink Restoration potion after Restoration potion to increase the amount in an additive manner.
I thought this was supposed to be an incredibly quick process? I've looked on the board, and one guy also had my problem, and a few people from the original post had my problem.:

I have yet to try:
1. making a weakness to poison effect on myself.
2. Searching past the first 150 topics when "Resto" is searched, or searching youtube or any site other than this (including elderscrolls wikia which I did not see, and UESP which I cannot find an exploit page on).
Just as a side note in case somebody searches Restoration Potion glitch or something:
Apparently when you get certain perks or take standing stones while under a fortify restoration effect, it gives you more benefits then it is supposed to... so I plan on not taking perks while inebriated!:

Edit History:
Edit 1: I tried alternating potions, and it did not work.
Edit 2: Removed some of the unnecessary spaces.
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1. Equip any gear you have with "Fortify Alchemy" in Inventory
2. Make a "Fortify Restoration" potion in Alchemy Table
3. Drink that potion in Inventory
4. Take off then Again Equip that gear with "Fortify Alchemy" in Inventory
5 (repeat 2-4)

You need to:
1. Equip gear
2. Make resot potion
3. Remove gear
4. Drink potion
5. Equip gear
6. Profits?????
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Your doing it right, but for it to really work you need 4 peices of fortify alchemy equipment with at least 20% boost on all. I dont really know why its not working for you
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This may help
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You need 4 pieces of gear at BARE MINIMUM 15%. If its lower than that, you need to grab a falmer helmet or a Pentus Occularus helmet and use that along with a circlet (So you have 5 pieces. You alchemy should be at least 30 with 1-2 perks in alchemist and you should have benefactor.

Then you can proceed with the loop
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You're doing it correctly. What are the starting percentages for the gear?

Also, you do NOT need four pieces with 25%(or whatever). I did it with two pieces that were regular "of Alchemy". It just took more time.
#7minimang123(Topic Creator)Posted 2/11/2012 1:26:46 PM(edited)
Circlet of Major Alchemy - base 17%
Ebony Gauntlets of Extreme Alchemy - base 22%
Necklace of Major Alchemy - base 17%
And I fortified enchanting to make a... Silver Ring - base 10%.

As I go on, with only one perk in the first perk and 25 Alchemy, I'd gotten to the point where my Majors gave 29% instead of 17%, my Extreme gave 38%, and my Ring gave 17%, but I have yet to get there again.
Note: Okay, the point is that drinking a restoration potion increases the potency of the next.

I got the second rank of the first Alchemy Perk. Splendid. Now it rises. The only issue was that I could not cross the threshold before.

Next Note: I have the Sinderion's Serendipity perk. This allows me to have a 25% chance of brewing two potions. However, this is glitched if the magnitude changes on it. AKA, If I make one Fortify Restoration 208% potion, then requip gear, then my next potion I get is 240% (let's say I got two of them), then if I drink both of those alleged 240% potions then check active effects, I only have Fortify Restoration 208%.

Last Edit: Now that I'm done, all I know that one must know is that everything works once you reach the threshold. At a certain point, at a certain fortify alchemy, then everything gets better and better. Once done, make a fortify enchantment potion, and then use that to make a ring or something with "Fortify Alchemy". Also, make some extra Fortify Restoration potions just for fun. Then, all you will ever need to do to reglitch is equip that new item you crafted, craft a new fortify restoration potion, drink that fortify restoration potion, then re requip the ring. Voila, life becomes grand.