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4 years ago#1
So, my new character is the first female I've made for Skyrim. I managed to make her decently attractive (which is good for both my eyes, and the role she'll be playing).

I decided to check out the basic armor sets to see what looks the best...
...but to be honest I don't really think any are that great. I'm actually still wearing the light imperial armor (from the tutorial) and it's better than most of what those look like. But I was wondering if people had any opinions on this matter.

Maybe there are some unique armors that are worthwhile?
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4 years ago#2
The Forsworn is... sexy to most I suppose.

The Dark Brotherhood armour looks cool as well.
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4 years ago#3
Ancient Nord armor looks really good on females, but it's a heavy armor. Forsworn armor is light, and it's pretty hot.
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4 years ago#4
Oh, and to make Ancient Draurg armour make sure you use the Skyforge in Whiterun.
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4 years ago#5
Best looking armors for females are the Forsworn set or Savior's Hide. Fur/Dragonscale armor is not bad either.

If you want a heavy armor, personally I liked the Wolf set (minus the helmet), Ebony, and Steel Plate.
4 years ago#6
Although I wouldn't consider it sexy, I like the Nightingale armor and the black Thieves Guild armor. The Dark Brotherhood armor just doesn't fit right. It makes the boobs look all smashed down and saggy, but it does make the butt look good.
4 years ago#7

Depends on what you want. Ebony mail looks great on just about anyone

You can grab stormcloak officers armor and ancient nord at Forelhost as soon as you can get there

4 years ago#8
If you want light armor that works and has a short skirt just use the Stormclock Officer's armor. It's cut way short for the females.
4 years ago#9
Light Armor:
Form-fitting: Shrouded Armor; Nightingale Armor
Skin: Forsworn Armor; some Fur Armor; The Savior's Hide

Heavy Armor:
Form-fitting: Steel Plate
Skin: Ancient Nord Armor; Falmer Armor
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4 years ago#10
Ancient Nord Armor + female Draugr = rotting corpse sideboob.


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