I don't get how to use Vampire Powers at all!

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4 years ago#1
It must be a mental block, but I am so confused on how to use the Vampire Lord powers.

I try everything, but it seems overly complex and not very intuitive. Specifically, what are the CONTROLS? And what is the sequence used to do things that can advance your Skills progress toward earning the Achievement?

I know I am dumb to ask, but I need someone to explain how to approach the whole process of gaining skills in the Skill Tree. Like, if I encounter an NPC I want to feed on, HOW how I do it?
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4 years ago#2
You can only advance the vampire lord form while in the vampire lord form. The vampire lord has two methods of attack. Melee and magic. Melee is when you are walking on the ground and use your claws as weapons. Magic is when you are floating. Press the left stick in to switch between the two. To alternate between powers use the favorites menu. You have to use drain health (the spell in your right hand while in magic mode) to boost the Vampire Lord skill and acquire perks. Some people have said you can also do it through a bite power attack (when you power attack in melee mode and they have low health). And if you encounter an NPC and want to feed on them you have to be a stage 2 vampire at least with seduction. Use seduction, then talk to them and a feed option should come up.
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4 years ago#3
Use the Vampire Lord power to turn into your vampire lord form.

You have 2 modes in this form: caster(you'll be hovering) and melee(you'll have your feet on the ground). Click the Left Stick to change inbetween these modes.

In caster mode your RT will always be your drain life fireball attack. Killing things with this attack ups your Vampire skill towards getting Vampire perks.

You also gain Vampire skill by killing people with a melee power attack in melee mode (this will do a killcam type thing where you feed on them as they die. Try to do it when they're on their knees at low life)

RB will default to the Bats evade move when you change into Vampire Lord form

In either mode hit up on the D pad to get to your favorites list, which has been changed to a new vampire powers list. Stuff you unlock in the vampire skill tree will show up here (like Summon Gargoyle, etc.)

Also on that list will be the power Revert Form. Select this and use it with RB to change back to human.
4 years ago#4
THANKS for the advice. I will keep trying to make sense of it, but still feel they made the whole control scheme a bit complex. I also dislike how the Flight of Bats ability is the default on the Favorites menu. They must have had a good reason, but I don't care for it and the entire Vampire Lord experience is tedious due to the control scheme. I never get the option to bite someone, but will keep trying to learn this.
"Old, but still game!"
4 years ago#5
okay so the bite thing is separate from Vampire Lord stuff (which was all added for Dawnguard)

Before dawnguard if you progressed to stage 4 vampirism (by not feeding) you were attacked on sight. (That's the "as a blood starved vampire you are hated" or whatever message that still pops up) So being a vampire was a balancing act of being powerful, and having to feed when you wanted to go in town. Now though you can walk through towns all you want as a stage 4 vamp and not get attacked. You do get attacked in your Vamp. Lord form.

To feed as a human (not Vampire Lord) vampire you either have to use your Vampire Seduction power on another human (which you get at stage 2 vampirism) and then "talk" to them. You then get the option to "feed" which takes you back to stage 1 vamp.

OR you can sneak (actually BE IN sneak mode) and try to pickpocket someone who is sleeping. Then you also get the option to feed.

Neither of these methods do anything for leveling up your Vampire Lord powers. That can only be done as said in the posts above, by either killing with a power attack in melee mode, or with your drain ball in caster mode.
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