*parks dragon*

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6 years ago#1
Ohai. Can someone watch my dragon and alert me of any new updates? Thanks mates.
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6 years ago#2
*eats Dragon*
6 years ago#3
*weird creatures have crazy sex on dragon*
*jeers from the box seats*
6 years ago#4
TO 500!!
500 Topics: 2 (GT5 Official Trading Topic 1 & 2)
6 years ago#5
*has sex with the dragon*
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6 years ago#6
Wait if i ate the dragon, and people are doing things with it....
6 years ago#7
*has sex with headless zombie on dragon*
guermillo quickly thrusts the hot glue at dads pelvis and squeezes the trigger "BETRAYAL"-Me in an AssaultedMuffin CYOA
6 years ago#8
*makes KungFu barf up dragon*
Sergeant Haron: Our scanners are picking up false readings. They seem to think you're ah, dead.
Shepard: I'm getting that everywhere. It's a pain in the ass!
6 years ago#9
I think there are zombie dragon eggs in my intestines
6 years ago#10
*Enters topic*
I have another home!!!!
*Puts dirty and slightly pissy-smelling cardboard box down and starts to sleep in it.*
Debaters go to heaven, Fanboys go to hell. Simple logic.

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