Stop whining & moaning about Oblivion's leveling system

#51TopherPosted 12/13/2010 8:46:55 PM
I love oblivion and it's one of my favorite games from this generation of consoles, but after playing the fallout games, I hesitate going back to play it again simply because the leveling system is so inferior.

Calling something inferior implies that you have objective reason to think so, so out with it.
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From: Lord_Mehrunes | #035
This topic is fail!

No one is complaining about the friggin leveling system. The leveling system is great and worked in past games!
The only thing that's screwed up is the know, how everything pretty much levels with you; loot, monsters, stores and even the town guards! (and i mean in a really broken way)

I hope to heck that people stop mixing things up. Get it right....its the Scaling that's screwed up!

This. The level up your skills by using them and thus gain character levels system isn't what people are complaining about. It was the fact that that enemies and loot scaled. Morrowind had some scaling (usually being that something like a Dremora won't appear right away), but it was usually minimal, which almost all people seemed to prefer.