Anyone here played Drakan the Ancient Gates on ps2?

#1NEME5IOPosted 12/13/2010 1:58:42 PM
man that game reminds me soo much of Elder scrolls except the game felt 100 times better at the time, sure the graphics was terrible but the story was amazing... the maps where scary as hell. i remember being terrified playing through the swamp levels with all the monsters , every single monster in Drakan was the better than Elders Scrolls. In that game you could fly dragon, kill sorcerers that felt, looked, and lived like sorceress in the desert on top of a black tower and you would fly your dragon through vast landscapes.

in conclusion my dream would be a game like Drakan or a remake

i just wish in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim you can fly dragons and its earns the title of a Mature game which many game today fail to fullfil, a Mature game today was like a Teen game on ps2
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