I hope they fix the enchanting system

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5 years ago#1
One of my favorite aspects of Morrowind was being able to compound multiple constant effects on armor, clothing, etc. As much as I love Oblivion, it was kind of lame to only allow one CE enchantment with no scale which made it boring. I also really missed having CE Restore Fatigue clothing.
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5 years ago#2
I hope they fix your faces system!
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5 years ago#3
If economiester had an alternate name, it would be "Enchanter." Before he could multiply 3 by 4, he had dabbled in the arts of enchantment. Nothing big: just a Constant Effect enchantment on some robes. But it was enough to spark a fire in him. By the time he was 12, he was a child prodigy. Multiple Constant Effects on each of his clothing was nothing to him. Restore Fatigue was his personal favorite, along with the classics like Invisibility, which only the masters could wield. Of course, economiester was well beyond the level of "master" by then.

However, at the turn of his eighteenth birthday, just when he would become eligible to join the Enchanter's Guild and prove his worth, economiester was told he could only cast one Constant Effect, unscaled, per piece of clothing. Furious, he withdrew into the caverns of the uncharted world, performing more and more advanced enchantments under the cover of darkness.
He waited.
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5 years ago#4
^ Dude....

That would make a SICK side quest to unlock that ability.
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5 years ago#5
@pyroman93 That....is frikin awesome.
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5 years ago#6
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5 years ago#7
errr english class
5 years ago#8
For over seventy years, economiester continued to fortify every aspect of himself that he could.

After six decades of living off mudcrabs and filthy cavewater, he knew he had enough accumulated power in his creations to raze the surface world to the ground at his whim. Nothing could stand in his way should he choose to destroy those who had driven him below in their ignorance. But this was not enough.

No longer content to merely destroy the supposedly great mages and arcane mystics that imprisoned him with their petty laws, economiester sought to return in a furious crusade of such unequaled power that reality itself would bend to his will. In order to gain the time he needed, he turned to the dark arts of necromantic enchantment.

It took the great economiester only six years to obtain full lichdom. During this time, he continued to increase his strength until it seemed that he had truly reached the limit of a mortal being. At the end of the six years, however, he was no longer mortal. Further building his power, he assembled a vast horde of the undead, innumerable in number and unmatchable in ferocity. Four years passed, with the abominable army of ancient soldiers and forgotten horrors of the deep growing all the while. When his army was complete, economiester knew there was but one thing to do before returning to exact his vengeance on the fools who refused to believe that he could cast multiple Constant Effects.

5 years ago#9
why do you guys not speak up? u are frikin awsome
5 years ago#10
*to add to the fiction...*

I have been....banished.

I have enchanted from the days of my childhood. When I found a soul gem as a boy, I willed it's power to me only to relieve the burden of my farming chores. A simple enchantment in the hands of a boy is the will of the Daedra. As a man, or an elf, or an orc has a soul....so does a rat. I gathered the souls of the rats unto me. I took the soul of these wretched beings to be reborn in a being of strength and power. As rats became my strength, so did my mother and father. And the souls of the beggars have been enchanted to me. I have attained the power of all life beyond the mortal understanding of life. I now seek the Daedra....


Milton Friedman. 1912-2006. Rest in Peace.
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