*Starts off in prison*

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6 years ago#1
OH! COME ON! What did I do THIS time? No one knows? Yeah, that figures... especially cuz uh, I DIDN'T DO ANYF***INGTHING!


I swear I'm going to kill everyone once I get out. I'll give you a REASON to put me in here next game, a******s!
6 years ago#2
*saves world*
that was easy <__<
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6 years ago#3
Man, you're so witty and original. Do you perhaps teach classes?
6 years ago#4
For the sake of roleplaying, I had decided that I was in jail for High Treason, to assassinate the Emperor. It was awkward when we met.
6 years ago#5
You let the other guy kill him while you get paid... smart guy.
6 years ago#6
Simulation of our conversation

Me: Hey...I'm really sorry...

Patrick Stewart: Go f*** yourself

Me: *stares*

Patrick Stewart: Well now I need to escape from your peeps. Can I take this secret passageway through your cell?

Me: Yeah... secret....totally, go ahead.

Patrick Stewart: *gets killed*

Me: *trollface*
6 years ago#7
I role-played that I was sent to jail by the corrupt guard Adamus Philida, who tried to blackmail me, knowing I worshipped the Night Mother, and sent me to jail when I threatened him. I then got to exact revenge on him by murdering his ass.
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6 years ago#8
If we start off in prison again, I'm going with the old standby of my character being a harlot who's not very good at her job. Why else wouldn't she have enough money for the fine? Oh that's right, she's a skooma addict.
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6 years ago#9
Solus didn't get it but you guys do... and hilariously sometimes too.
6 years ago#10
I played it thinking that I was sent to jail for keeping a clan of Khajiit tied in my basement and I would always pet them and throw stuff at them
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  3. *Starts off in prison*

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