for the love of god, i hope they develop a new leveling system.

#1zeroboboPosted 12/14/2010 11:36:17 AM
i love the ES series, been playing them since daggerfall (damn crazy rat noises still haunt me). but oblivion was a real chore for me to play through.

it's leveling system was pretty much the worst ive ever seen in an RPG. you're punished for leveling too fast by getting very few stat points, you're punished by leveling too slow by having all the loot stay stagnant and pointless. doing a quest at a low level is a risk because the reward might have been considerably better at a higher level. once you capped out your general use skills like your weapon skill or armor skill or block or w/e, then you have to tediously grind other skills to get level ups or else you wont level anymore.

i know the concept sounds good and all, level up by increasing your class skills. but it was executed in the worst possible way imaginable.

also, i REALLY hope theres some actual choices and consequences in this one. the thieves guild and dark brotherhood are two opposite stealth based guilds that don't like each other, i should not be able to join both. if im a warrior i shouldnt be able to join the mages guild, if im a mage i shouldnt be able to join the fighters guild. its really really stupid when my warrior became the "greatest mage in the land" when he knew like 4 or 5 spells. theres no choices in that game, its just "do you want to do this quest or not?" none of those, "well if you do this ______will happen, but as a consquence this will happen, however if you do _______ instead THIS will happen?" i couldn't get into my role because the entire world felt empty and pointless after i realized this.

also, when you're the leader of EVERY major guild in the country and have enough power and influence that you could probably stage a successful coup for the throne, i should actually feel that powerful, not have every schumck still reference me as "THE HERO OF KRVATCH!" some quest i did at level 4... i do not want to be guild leader unless they actually make me feel like one, i should be able to order dudes around, call in back up for quests, and all that, not have some "collection box" like im some sort of weird landlord. it just feels empty.
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I agree
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very fun thing to do once your "in charge" of all the guilds....start a war between teh guards and your guilds. imperial city works the best for this sicne every major guild has a people there. the guilds always lose since the guards can respawn forever but man it's fun watching the war...just fyi mages guild holds out the longest.
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Yeah Oblivions lvling system turned me off making new characters the most.

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