I hope this game will be more like morrowind than oblivion.

#1CosmicBanditoPosted 12/16/2010 6:45:00 AM
imo morrowind had something that oblivion never quite had. You were encouraged to explore more, there seemed to be way more secret items hidden in harder to find places. For instance you could stumble upon a hidden cave and if you had levitation and flew all the way to the top to an area that doesn't even look accessable there would be a rare sword on top of a rock at the top of the cave. The only way you'd ever find it is if you had a strat guide, or you just randomly decided to levitate in that random cave. It seemed like everything you found in oblivion you were supposed to find and it was laid out there for you.

Morrowind's story just felt deeper and darker. In oblivion it was like fight a portal here, now here, now here. over n over same enemies inside etc. everything was spelled out for you, and worst of all the enemies scaling levels with you...
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but i do agree
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Dumbest post ever.