online co op.

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6 years ago#11

As long as its nothing like an mmo im happy. Id just love something like a split screen option. There was a moment in morrowind where I was levitating my way to the urshilaku camp and shooting fire balls from hundreds of feet in the air into cliff racers and thats when I thought "how sick would it be to have a friend here with me flying through the air having a magic fight?". I can see why people would disagree though.

6 years ago#12
Co-op wouldn't be the worst thing ever, but I wouldn't mind them leaving it out either. I'd prefer all the money and manpower go towards the singleplayer.
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6 years ago#13
I wouldn't mind a coop. It'd be nice if they could take over your allies making for a smarter, not stronger companion. Coop would only become available after you've progressed through a faction far enough to where you COULD get an ally.

What I would really like to see is something like Fable 2/3 did where you could see orbs representing other people playing their own separate single player experience; where interactions are limited to seeing what kind of armor they possess, stats, and the ability to communicate, as long as you're in the same area as them.
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6 years ago#14
If done properly, co-op could be amazing. I highly doubt it would be done properly though.
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