2 things I hope they add from Fallout

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6 years ago#41
my point was that leveling up in oblivion required no skill whatsoever. it was an aweful system
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6 years ago#42
No immersion in New Vegas. It was just annoying.

I found it to be so, it gave the food items a purpose. Having to raid the ruins, or go out into the desert to get supplies to survive on did well for me. I found I didn't have to eat or drink too much, it seemed to be a good balance and wasn't a hassle.
6 years ago#43
there was plenty immersion in nv
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6 years ago#44

From: dovahkiin | Posted: 12/19/2010 3:16:30 PM | #040
... So what you're saying is that once you beat the game you want to be able to do whatever you want?

What makes you think that? All I was saying is that when you are a walking God who should be known across the world, it completely kills the immersion to be told you aren't important by a mage scholar and to be constantly threatened by every random low level mercenary. It would add a lot of life to the game when you are RP'ing if people actually acknowledged you.
Laus Deo
6 years ago#45
i love how people say Fallout's leveling system was grinding.

Meanwhile in jumping up and down over and over again under a small roof in order to get a higher acrobatics, selling 1000 forks one by one in order to get higher mercantile, and letting enemies hit you over and over again to get higher armor and block isn't grinding.
6 years ago#46
mastershakez posted...

I want decapitation from Fallout 3/NV. It's amusing to slash a body up until there's nothing but a bloody torso left...I think there's something wrong with me.

no theres nothing wrong with you as i want this too but be able to chop arms and legs off living NPCs to hinder their attacks
6 years ago#47
^wouldn't that realistically be an auto-kill.
I mean unless this is Montey Python
6 years ago#48
I agree with both, really hope these things are implemented in Skyrim.
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6 years ago#49

Seriously? experience based leveling?...No...Just no.... It hasnt been in any of the other elder scrolls why do it in the new one? I like how by working on a skill I level up that skill. Not "oh! I just killed my (arbitrary number) monster/quest now im better at everything somehow!". I know it works great for other games but it doesnt belong here.

6 years ago#50
better than a completely challengless system
Trolling makes me a sad panda
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