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6 years ago#1
Limb system, massacre-ing corpses after their killed off, enemy level based on the enemy type rather than scaling to level (Of course, to balance out the difficulty, Bethesda will have to take more care with group fighting, and make AI automatically ambush, make traps, etc.) and the NV companion system, but better tailored for Elder Scrolls. Some elements of Hardcore mode in NV could be part of TES V, and put a Hardcore-esque mode into the TES V. I think these all were things that Fallout did well that the Elder Scrolls could benefit.
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6 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
6 years ago#3
While I thought leveled enemies were the worst idea in the series to date (Goblin warlords became more powerful than daedra after a certain level, and random bandits had FULL DAEDRIC ARMOUR WTF) I have to disagree with most of the list. let Fallout be Fallout and let The Elder Scrolls remain as the awesomeness it is. No need for VATS when you have a freaking claymore.
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6 years ago#4
Hardcore is the only thing it needs from fallout.
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6 years ago#5
Come on guys, weren't you looking forward to the OATS (Oblivion Assisted Targeting System)? I want to take my bow and go to snipe some poor bloke's head off in front of me, only to watch my arrow miss in dazzling slow motion while my target blasts me with magic and I can't do anything about it because I'm still watching my missed shot. [/sarcasm]
6 years ago#6
I agree with non leveled enemies and the limb system. Maybe hardcore too. I don't want VATS touching an ES game, but if I shoot someone in the leg, they could limp, and if I shoot their arm, they shouldn't be able to swing that Daedric warhammer so hard.
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6 years ago#7
OATS (Oblivion Assisted Targeting System)

Well, I originally thought it was a bad idea but NOW...
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6 years ago#8
I want nothing carried over from fallout or Oblivion for that matter. They are going with a whole new engine so give us a whole new game.
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6 years ago#9
Ressurecting topic to get a point across (Meant to reply WAY earlier but my phone acted up.). I said limb system, not VATS. I hope some of you feel bad about yourselves. The limb system in itself is not a bad thing to have in Fallout, especially for tricky archers, though I feel that equipment should have a better effect on the limb system, like if you were an archer sneak attacking a Knight, the extra damage from his helmet should help lower the damage, or the crit chance, same for the other limbs, though depending on the armor, there should be "weak" spots in the armor to help determine what limb to attack, btw, the weak spot would be wherever the body's unguarded, even in a full armor set (Because not every armor is FULLY protected.). And it encourages less headshotting for maximum damage and destroying everything.

Hitting a weak spot would negate armor bonuses regarding limb damage, but be incredibly difficult to hit given Oblivions arrow height system and the fact that the target is moving . Though the companion system is hit or miss, it's only if you prefer it, I say it should be in because having companions are completely optional regardless, the old summon system was just like it anyway.
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6 years ago#10
Limb system

Yeah, cool, specific damage is very nice.

massacre-ing corpses after their killed off

Eh. Cool if they can do it, but they tend to break apart in the same ways/animation each time, no big deal to me but if it limits other things not so important. Seems like it would be a pain in the ass if they want lots of different types of monsters too, and I don't think armor should just explode into blood either. Accommodating the fantasy atmosphere might be harder than you'd think at first.

enemy level based on the enemy type rather than scaling to level

There's a couple ways they could do the enemy scaling different than oblivion, but either way I agree something should be different.

and the NV companion system, but better tailored for Elder Scrolls.

Sure. Not hugely important to me, but I'd dig it and I bet some people would really like it. This would probably be a good move.
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