What exactly do we know about this game?

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6 years ago#1
What exactly do we know about this game??

I really only played Oblivion so I don't really know all the storylines.

I'm just looking for anything anybody knows
6 years ago#2
Has teh dragons, in Skyrim, and has turned most of the posters on the 3 skyrim boards into trolls in a matter of days.
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6 years ago#3
It takes place after oblivion, it takes place in skyrim, it should come out on 11/11/11 in america. it's being developed and published by bethesda. The language will most likely be english. It'll have over 1gb of content. It will be released on pc,xbox 360 and ps3. It will be awesome.
6 years ago#4
And has a new game engine.
6 years ago#5
The Dragons come from Akavir.

Compare the symbol here:

To Skyrim's logo:

6 years ago#6
so not really much.

I'm still so pumped for this game.
6 years ago#7
It'll probably have at least one quest breaking glitch.

Damn you, untouchable Sigil stones! Preventing me from completing "Allies for Bruma"... Thank God that was an optional quest.
I saw what you did there...
6 years ago#8
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6 years ago#9

We will know alot on February´s Game Informer.

6 years ago#10
Takes place in Skyrim, the center is mostly wilderness (judging by the map and how acurate the map for Oblvion was to the map of it's location.)
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