A new engine may keep Skyrim clear of bugs.

#1flipmanburnPosted 12/21/2010 5:20:47 PM
Let's hope so...Wouldn't be a Bethesda game without alot of bugs, though.
#2themagicpainmanPosted 12/21/2010 5:21:32 PM
The new engine may have new bugs :D
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#3SyrnePosted 12/21/2010 5:24:30 PM
Wouldn't a new engine be even more prone to bugs?
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#4pokemonmaster0Posted 12/21/2010 5:24:35 PM
Yeah don't be so pessimistic there will be tons of wonderful bugs.
#5SubjectNineteenPosted 12/21/2010 5:36:42 PM
Every engine is going to have bugs, especially with a game as big as on as an Elder Scrolls title. We may not have the same bugs to deal with, though.
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