Do you think they will make this more flexible, action oriented?

#1RawePosted 12/23/2010 7:44:04 PM
Like, jump and grab on ledges....climbing up trees.....I dunno, it's a brand new engine....
#2BadprenupPosted 12/23/2010 7:58:18 PM
Personally, No thank you. I can see why you would want it but I could have anything like this it would be the ability to grab onto a ledge and pull myself up. Something that would make a rooftop escape viable.
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#3Rawe(Topic Creator)Posted 12/23/2010 8:03:54 PM
1. What? You want it, or not?
2. Why do you say "You would want that?" What the hell does that mean?
#4YoshiKong64Posted 12/23/2010 8:14:17 PM
I think he's saying, he sees some value in it, so he can see why you would like it.
^This! I agree!