To those who are (jokingly) asking for a petition for multiplayer...

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Consider this: When people found out that there wouldn't be mounted combat in Oblivion, they started a petition to get it in the game and had over 500 signatures. But wait...there wasn't any mounted combat in Oblivion, was there? And mounted combat is actually a good suggestion, not some horrible attempt to troll. Oh, and of course even if it wasn't a troll effort, it's still not a very good suggestion.

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No mount combat is a terrible suggestion. This is not mount and blade, the elderscroll is about adventuring and looting caves it has never been about riding horses and smacking bandits with a sword. Bethesda did the right thing when they left out mount combat thats why Oblivion was as balanced and fun the way it was.
Only toddlers who like to run around spraying machine guns want multiplayer. It would ruin the series even if it was a spin off game or a option.
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^ Uh... well, to say mounted combat would make the game terrible is just... not how I see it.. I agree it could become overkill (meaning overpowered/used or whatever) but if they implemented it correctly, I believe they could really make it work.
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No offense but 500 signatures isn't much...
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mounted combat has a much more resonable feel than Multiplayer or guns.

I'm just saying
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Two things:

1. I didn't say I wanted mounted combat, I was using it as an example.

2. I know 500 isn't much, but It's about 480 more than mulitplayer will ever get.

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500 signatures?! Whoa! That's almost too high to count!
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Too high to count? Absurd! I can count to 504 thank you.

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Multiplayer, not anything like PvP, but just of groups of 2-4, would be a lot of fun, I think.
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#10Sniping_TurtlePosted 1/2/2011 5:28:58 PM
Also with the Gamebyro engine, they couldn't incorporate mounted combat.

Which I guess is why they're using a new engine.
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