What are you in jail for?

#1scorpeusPosted 1/8/2011 11:51:19 PM
Assuming that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim follows the pattern of its previous titles, the character will begin in captivity (only to be released from it by unlikely forces). During the wait for TES IV, a similar thread to this was posted.

Why is your character in jail? Did he/she steal? murder? pillage? not fill out a census form? drown an orphan? Please explain the crimes you've committed.
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I always pretended that i was a street orphan with no memory of my parents who one day stole a loaf of bread and got sent to jail......

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"F*** sympathy! I don't need your f***in' sympathy, man, I need my f***ing johnson!"
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I'm in jail for being criminal scum.
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Locked inside a decrepit fortress, kept prisoner by an army of power hungry, dragon worshiping draugr, the Dragonborn bides their time until they find just the right moment to mount a daring escape.

Alternatively, or perhaps simultaneously, your last-of-the-Blades buddy finds you inside said fortress, frees you, causes a distraction to draw away the main forces long enough for you to get away, and rendezvous with you later.
#7IrulesmostPosted 1/9/2011 12:01:28 AM
Being the wrong race, at the wrong time.
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I like to think that my characters is imprisoned merely for the safety of the outside world.
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It's always the same reason for me. i play an Orc who was arrested for molesting livestock.

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