Map of Skyrim!!!

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6 years ago#21

From: Ki_cat_ | #019
As for the map size, didn't Arena use the ENTIRE province? I'm not sure about Daggerfall, I never played either.

Arena used the entire continent, but it was all randomly generated so there was no distinguishable characteristics between the provinces.
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6 years ago#22
By pure numbers Oblivion is bigger but it's also very empty...Traveling from Imperial City to Layawiin (sp) will result in a few minor encounters, grass, trees....More grass...Uhh...Nothing interesting is coming to mind.
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6 years ago#23
Idk it looks pretty big to me.
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6 years ago#24
Yeah id rather have a smaller map with more detail than a f***n continent of the same copied and pasted wolves and grass. It looks like now we'll have copied and pasted mountains....yaaaaaay.

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