If Werewolves return...

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6 years ago#1
Do you think Khajiit and Argonians should be able to turn into them? I'd just find it kind of odd for a lizard or cat too turn into a wolf.
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6 years ago#2
I don't know, but that'd be awesome to see a reptilian werewolf roaming the countryside.
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6 years ago#3
why couldnty you be bitten by a rabid elf one night and then transform into some ungodly, were-adoring fan
6 years ago#4

I remember the old werewolf mods from Morrowind, were most of the non-human races had a unique look. Ex: dark elves had black fur and red eyes, khajiit had tiger strips, etc. Something like that would be cool.

6 years ago#5
a lizard and a cat turning into a cat is weird, but not a monkey?
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6 years ago#6

bah werewolves........

if they dared showed their faces in skyrim they would be utterely crushed and deposed and forced back to morrowind by none other than the mighty MUDCRABS!!!!

6 years ago#7
that's why there are werecrocodiles(for argonians in the black marsh) and werelions(presumed to be for khajits in elsweyr) unique to valenwood is werevultures, there are also wereboars and werebears the latter can be found in skyrim and eastern morrowind(yes i did become a lore expert from the wiki at uesp.net)
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6 years ago#8
i think everyone should have the ability to turn into a wereman
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6 years ago#9
I'm waiting for a Werewere
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6 years ago#10
But don't forget the most frightening of all; A Werewalken.
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