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5 years ago#11
Weird...I seem to remember a ton of people complaining about the bow's usefulness dwindling as you approached max level. I experienced it myself quite a while back when I first bought oblivion. I guess I'll have to do another run through. Could've done something wrong
5 years ago#12
Well, it's not a 1 hit without a poison or enchant arrow. But, here's a situation for me. I enter a dungeon, I throw on a poison, with my Command Bow. I shoot an enemy, since it's a command bow, he starts fighting the other enemy, while the poison is working, then he dies either way. The one who survives gets a poison as well, and slowly dies. This can go throughout the whole dungeon. I go through dungeons without getting seen and watching enemies kill each other or dying in a matter of seconds. I also have a Weakness to Poison 100% 50 secs on target +Invisbility on Self for 20 secs. So if I throw that from the Shadows and I go invisible, and no one sees me. After I shoot them with a poison while the spell is active, they die in about 1 second, instead of 3. I never knew how poisons worked like that until recently, seriously though, at high levels, a Xivalai or Minotaur lord, dead in a few seconds. Also, custom made potions are extremely useful as well. There's one potion I can show that is pretty much Invincibility with the health and magicka regen along with shield. Sorry, got carried away.
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5 years ago#13
LOL I wasn't really that good with poisons back then so that could be it
5 years ago#14
I never knew Alchemy is so insane though. Potions and Poisons are crazy.
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5 years ago#15

From: Python_2k9 | Posted: 1/11/2011 11:28:41 PM | #004
Why is it that everyone seems to have problems with bows? I have no problem killing anything with my bow. It takes patience, and stealth.

Playing on very hard, even with a strong poison and enchanted bow and enchanted arrows, you will almost never one hit anything besides fodder enemies like mudcrabs, even with a sneak attack. Things like Minotaurs would be walking around with 10+ arrows sticking out of it's face while I was desperately having to dupe more enchanted arrows. They need to buff it a lot.
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