Don't you think its weird?

#1rpglover92Posted 1/12/2011 8:48:36 AM
There are no kids in the elder scrolls games. how does life go on(unless they have a group pregnancy).
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rpglover92 posted...
There are no kids in the elder scrolls games. how does life go on(unless they have a group pregnancy).

There are no kids because otherwise you would kill them all, then perform weird sexual acts on their body and post it on youtube.

Bethesda would then be known as the company that allows the rape of dead children.

Having said that the Gameinformer article talks about a young boy who picks up your sword and runs after you in Skyrim. Although this could have been inagined example of how the new improved radiant AI works. Bethesda might have given such an example during an interview but GI might not have actually seen it and the example of a kid might have never been used by bethesda self. We'll have to wait and find out.

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I don't understand why they do this, giving you the option to do it doesn't force you to do it. You only would do it if you chose to, so the people who made the game can't be blamed by the media.
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They could add kids and make them in Fallouut 3.
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but then those kids could report the murder of people and you cant stop them, thats not fun
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remember what fox news did to mass effect 1's completely optional sex scenes? what do you think would happen with completely optional child murder?
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If there are kids then I see it going two ways:

1. they cant be killed and if you kill an entire city only the kids will remain (as in their other franchise Fallout)

2. You can't go into combat mode in city areas at all (as seen in Fable 1)

Being able to kill kids is of poor taste, we, the gamers, do it but the company that allows it will be blamed for it. And who knows maybe they arent doing it for the media but simply have enough values of their own... go figure.