So, 10 Races... AGAIN?

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6 years ago#41

I want to be able to play as a squid man like Dr Zoiberg.

6 years ago#42
I'd hate to burst people's bubbles about being a Sload, but they have a huge handicap when it comes to actual physical movement. They travel primarily through teleportation, which would be a nice racial power, but would ultimately get annoying. Unless Bethesda changes the lore to where they grew usable legs, then they really couldn't be a playable race... that and a Sload with legs is both unnecesssary and amusing lol
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6 years ago#43
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6 years ago#44
I could see Sload as NPCs, though it might be kinda wonky to actually play as one.

Imga and Tang Mo would be kinda nice, too, especially if we discover that these dragons are in some way connected to the Tang Mos' "allies," the Ka Po' Tun.
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  3. So, 10 Races... AGAIN?

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