The graphics worry me.

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  3. The graphics worry me.
4 years ago#11
uhhh yes you can you can use ventrillo, team speak, skype ect

They play on consoles, and not everyone has their console and PC going to the same television like I do.
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4 years ago#12

I get your point. The improvements look to good to be true without other features to suffer but i trust Bethersda. They are excelent devs and already used to work on 360 hardware.

4 years ago#13
I think this was discussed on another thread, and someone made a good point: the new engine is more advanced, and thus more efficient. It will get the most out of the xbox's capabilities without compromising quality for performance. I wouldn't be too worried about that, unless you found Oblivion's lag unbearable.
4 years ago#14
Game IInformer overhyped the game like they always do. I seriously doubt it's going to as good looking and the draw the distances as described in the article.
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4 years ago#15
^I haven't read the game informer article. I'm only going by some of the screenshots I've seen.
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  3. The graphics worry me.

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