Skyrim Or Elder Scrolls V

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When talking to someone talking about the game which do you say?

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Y'all done went and ****ed up now something fierce. - Burgess (M) while talking to Crabdom
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hahaha^ I was never too much into Mass Effect. I had another question, this may sound stupid, but why was Elder Scrolls IV called Oblivion, over Cyrodil?

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idk not all elder scrolls games are named after the region. there is no region called "redguard"

and mass effect 2 isa good game, but it gets repetitive and boring. elder scrolls somehow are much longer games but maintain excitement throughout
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Yeah, like John said above Oblivion wasn't the only one not to be called after where it is set (in fairness part of the game is set in Oblivion), Arena and Redguard's titles bear no indication of where they're set.
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From: JohnRyan1228 | #004
"Mass Effect 3 raper"


ME 3 and Skyrim, at least based on what we've known, and what we can expect, aren't even going to be remotely the same thing.

ME 3 is going to have a tight story based around solid 3rdPS mechanics, and light RPG elements, with a heavy side dish of talking.

Skyrim is basically what an old school open world WRPG in 2011 should be; completely open, heavy on the RPG parts, lots of dialogue, lots of side-quests, but with a more visceral combat system.

They are both going to be ****ing awesome!!!
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From: redeer | #005
why was Elder Scrolls IV called Oblivion, over Cyrodil?

Because OblIVion.
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i dont disagree, but skyrim will be better
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