Low level against dragons.

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5 years ago#1

Since enemies wont level up with the player (which is an idea i like), how will we be able to fight a dragon in the first few hours of the game. Dragon attacks are random so they will most likelly happen from the start!

Anyway, i believe we will have to just run. Im hoping dragons to be incredibly hard to beat.

5 years ago#2
My guess is dragons won't start showing up until you're partway through the main quest
5 years ago#3
^^ Like the Oblivion Gates
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5 years ago#5
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5 years ago#6
5 years ago#7

As long as it isn't like finding your first death claw in Fallout NV, where it is quite easy to find one in the beginning and you have no way to escape from it.
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5 years ago#8
if your low level, you should run away from the dragon
5 years ago#9
im sure they will make you fight low level lesser dragons in the first few areas the story takes you to, and not zomgwtfbbq dragons who can kill you in 2 sweeps. its gna be more like new vegas, where you CAN go the wrong way and possibly be beaten by a lv20 deathclaw at lv1. i guess its gna be similar with dragons.

I can even imagine the tutorial ending with a dragon "boss" fight, giving you your first dragon shout, and a first taste of how you fight them, and how hard they are. That would be nice.
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5 years ago#10
Well we start off in a jail cell again, so no dragons until you complete a few main quest storylines. Our main characters sure have a knack for being put into jail everytime we start our playthrough >_>
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