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5 years ago#41
Easyr Ape

I'm in a man's apartment and I'm addicted to spray paint.
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5 years ago#42
You can go ahead and mark him but you know he's right.

You're social outcasts that can find solitude on message boards by conforming to "the crabdom". I think all that crap is stupid. I conformed and joined a frat in college so I could strong arm people en masse in real life like you guys try and do here, but I think a frat and a message board club are quite different, as one is awesome and the other is pathetic.

It is funny seeing you guys win in something for once, though. Kudos.
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5 years ago#43
5 years ago#44
CitadelSecurity posted...
akios88 posted...
TheeKingOsiris posted...
Also, maybe CitadelSecurity is an illithid? (yes, I know what they are :) )

Good for you. So does every kid from the 80's who m********** to the image of Easyr Ape the female elven cleric from mother****ing Waterdeep.

hahahaha! Sorry, I only put that in so I didn't have people saying "do you even know what the f*** that is?" Which, honestly, is way less humorous than your post lol
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5 years ago#45
If you believed what you felt, you would be in love
5 years ago#46
The biggest change that needs to come to vampires in ES is that you need to be able to feed on people while they are makes no sense that they have to be asleep what kind of vampire is that, its dumb change it
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