Does your height IRL compare to the race you most often play?

#61songofish99Posted 3/18/2011 2:20:12 PM
"I'd imagine the majority of people below 6 feet in height wouldn't volunteer the information freely, but I agree that a few are probably exaggerating."

Which I dont totally get. The global average for men, I think is 5'8, and women are 5'4 or something like that.
#62journeyhaleyPosted 3/18/2011 2:23:56 PM
Though the average male height may be 5'8", the average height of a TES player is 6'. TES players are what bring the male average height to 5'8" because the real average height (minus TES players) is 5'5".
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See it's funny because I actually am 6'4. So maybe seeing TC as tall makes people exaggerate?
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I'm 5'7-5'8 and I play as an Imperial.

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Im 14 and 60 but my brothers are all 65 so ill probably also be like that. I usually play a Nord.

Before the stupid herp-deerp your 14 and stupid jokes come, i just want to say that i'm mature enough to play this game.So don't worry

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Well I'm like 5'8" and I like elves so I dunno.
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6'0 dunmer
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oooohhh! a 6' Dunmer sounds scary.
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