i hope the wood elves are taller

#1I WIll Not Stab YouPosted 3/17/2011 4:04:05 PM
i like being a stealthy sniper...but i dont like having to look up at all the people who are 3 feet taller than me.
makes me feel like less of a man. :(
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#2CitadelSecurityPosted 3/17/2011 4:09:39 PM
I hope the female wood elves sound cute again. They shouldn't sound like they just got done ******* * ************* ******* **** ***** *** ********* ***** WITH A GODDAMN STICK!
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#3agentspoonPosted 3/17/2011 4:21:35 PM
And I thought you would be better...

Ahhh touche!
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#4runner5676Posted 3/17/2011 4:50:43 PM
I hope the female wood elves sound cute again.

Yeah what's up with that. Almost everyone in Oblivion aside from the Dunmer and Bosmer males, all sounded like they were voice acted by 50/60 year old people.
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#5PimpHandofGodPosted 3/17/2011 5:13:02 PM
They probably were 50/60 year old people <_<
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#6kingcodebraPosted 3/17/2011 5:25:38 PM
That's why I went Breton.

Once you got Breton, you be sweatin'.
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#7pro9b17Posted 3/17/2011 5:40:51 PM
Wood Elves are only good for EXPLOSION!! DANCE TIME
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#8superhappybombPosted 3/17/2011 5:43:04 PM
i hope there not becuase they are suppose to be the smaller race
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#9journeyhaleyPosted 3/18/2011 10:04:13 AM
It's only because you play as a man. Female woodelves don't have to look up unless talking to altmers, nords or orcs, but most other races have to look up to see them.
#10HerospreePosted 3/18/2011 10:14:34 AM
Wood elf women should be adorable and sound adorable :P

Did i mention they have slender, long legs? :3
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