You awaken in the future, finding that Skyrim has non invincible children in it

#1Kant_Remoob_EhtPosted 3/24/2011 10:11:13 PM
and it got 8s from all remaining or new game magazines. What would you do? Complain? Play the game to figure out how this got past the news? Ignore the game? You just lost the game.
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#2MasterofTheivesPosted 3/24/2011 10:17:48 PM
I'd slaughter them all.
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#3whocares2007Posted 3/24/2011 10:20:38 PM
that's why we can't have nice things Thieves
#4da1337CrowPosted 3/24/2011 10:45:47 PM
You awaken in the future to me punching you in the throat.
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#5GameCoatPosted 3/24/2011 10:49:20 PM
It could possibly come one day soon. I was pretty shocked at what dead space 2 got away with honestly.
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#6TheGrifter41Posted 3/24/2011 10:55:02 PM
Well I certainly couldn't reverse pickpocket mines in their pockets which was always my dream. Still I'd cross my fingers and hope for the best in fall out 4. Um other than that probably roll a alteration mage/melee.
#7runner5676Posted 3/24/2011 10:57:22 PM(edited)
It's just like the airport level of MW2 all over again. But instead of clueless people whining about it, we have actual gamers whining about it.

Oh and just to clarify, the whiners are the ones who want to kill children for their "immersion"
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#8TheGrifter41Posted 3/24/2011 11:03:56 PM
Screw immersion after lamplight I want catharsis.
#9ZhiharkPosted 3/24/2011 11:13:00 PM
"Oh and just to clarify, the whiners are the ones who want to kill children for their "immersion""

"I want to roleplay as a mass murderer!" is up there with "I want to roleplay as a female nudist!"
#10Megalink286Posted 3/24/2011 11:29:30 PM
I would probably be a lot less frustrated if the kids were ****ing dicks because in the back of my mind I could always say "Yeah well mother****er, I could kill you right here right now. What do you have to say about that?" Instead of being forced to just put up with it because some ass decided to make kids both invincible AND douches. I'm still bitter about Little Lamplight.
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