What song will be your battle theme?

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5 years ago#1
When I'm gonna be slaughtering Imperials and Argonians by the dozen, I feel a memorable theme should be in place for occasion.


Or course, if I'm gonna be making acquaintance with a fine Redguard woman, I feel something a little more subdued should be in mind.

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5 years ago#2
Whatever the in-game batlle music is.
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5 years ago#3
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5 years ago#4

mine will be a couple of Disturbed songs

for a normal battle Indestructable

and for when the S*** really hits the fan id put on Down With The Sickness

5 years ago#5

This will be my title screen Music to let me know my epic journey is to begin


And this is for my boss fights!!!
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5 years ago#6
i really just don't care that much
5 years ago#7
Those 8-bit ones are pretty cool!

For boss fights:

For going out into the game for the first time:
5 years ago#8

Not everything is epic, ****heads.
5 years ago#9
this song will be if im in a really tough battle that im not sure i'll win

this song just when im doing some quests
5 years ago#10

greatest theme ever:


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