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5 years ago#1
there are a lot of topics out there about things we want in the game. if beth looked at these boards and implemented every idea this game would be huge. (as a major fan of the elder scrolls games, don't take what i'm about to say as a negative comment. don't take this as me trolling or hating on the game.) i really hope beth doesn't further dumb down the game for more regular gamers. i hope beth doesn't make a game less in-depth then oblivion. the transition from morrowind to oblivion was a night and day difference in the expanse of the game.
really what i'm trying to say is i hope they don't ruin the game and cater to the recreational player to the point where this game doesn't even feel like an elders scrolls game .

what do you guys think?

(im a huge fan of these games and hope for the best out of the new release, i will buy it and play the s*** out of it.
that being said please don't comment if you don't have any thing constructive to say to add to the discussion. please don't call me a "hater or a troll" cause there is no trolling here, just a fan wanting the opinions of other fans.)
To each his own
5 years ago#2
Bethesda might get ideas from listening to their fans requests... but at the end of the day... they are going to make the game the way they want to make it... And then un-apologetically make fun of those whining about how their ideas didn't get included via ma'iq the liar or a descendant.
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5 years ago#3
Yes... kill the children!
5 years ago#4
yeah i know there going to do what they want. i just hope the game isn't dumbed down to much.

and about killing kids, uhhhh the system they used in fallout NV worked great. they just made kids invulnerable to any damage. i dont know what the big deal is about kids in games. after all its just a game. its not like ones going to walk out of their house and start beating children because it was in a game.
To each his own
5 years ago#5
I hope this game is darker than Oblivion. More adult. Skyrim has such potential because the land itself is brutal, the setting is really great.

I hope they pack this full of graphic violence and gratuitous sex, plus a good story. Also I think you should be able to get drunk. Especially if you're a Nord.
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5 years ago#6
^ yeah like in Red Dead redemption or saints row. i too hope it is a bit darker.
To each his own
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