What's your character's story for being in prisoner in the beginning?

#71Ravage319Posted 4/8/2011 10:02:17 AM
Public drunkeness, possession of an illegal substance, arson, theft, burglary, rape, murder, assault, tax evasion, jury tampering, extortion, speeding, soliciting prostitution, prostitution, fraud, regicide, fratricide, every kind of cide.
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1st. Will the Imperial Legion be in Skyrim(I hope not..)
2nd. IN jail for...
-Public Urination
-Being Sneaky
-Being a Khajit in the wrong place
-Stalking Maiq the Liar
-Attempting to kill Maiq the liar
-Attempting to Take Maiq the Liars Identity
-Impersonating a priest
-Grand Horse Auto
-Suspected Terrorism
-Theft(i stole some garlic from a farm)
-Assult(I thought he was a vaqmpire, so i threw above mentioned garlic at him)
-Stealing from a chapel
-Slaying an endangered species of dragon
-Had an Affair with the wives of all the count/tribal leaders across skyrim(and bruma)
-Summoning Daedra in a prohibited area
-blew up a guard fort with a powerful fireball/lightning spell(my ultimkate technique:THE SOUL NUKE)
-Selling Skooma
-Selling Skooma to above mentioned countesses
-Taking Advantage of countesses, therefore forcing them to have an affair with me
-Theft of Elder Scrolls
-Burning of witches(they werent witches)
-Killing someone elses livestock
-Killed town Bard
-Singing in Public

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for nothing more then being a redguard ... thats right i said it :P
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I was a small time business owner, who hired a illegal immigrant (a bosmer who managed to act VERY convincingly like a native Skyrim citizen). Since the income of immigrents to Skyrim is pretty low (really, who wants to live in the cold with a people who think a "warm place" is mead?), normally the penalty is twenty hours of community service. However, my lawyer was bad. Really bad. I ended up with a half-life sentence. For an elf. Which is five hundred years. Without any chance of parole. And I'm a Breton. At least he got a full life sentence and is stuck in C-block. Those guys are animals.
On "Why are you imprisoned at the beginning of TESV: Skyrim?"
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