A Modest, but Logical Proposal.

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Written by Bretonwtf (no1 steal it on me... i have ppl willing to vouch that i made this!), published on authority of Emperor Monkeybones23.

No you didn't Jonathan Swift wrote it, you just changed some words and shortened it considerably.

Hey Troll..
This is obviously a parody of Johnathan Swifts works. We realize that, say something less obvious.

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I think I have a counterproposal... Ill make this brief.Instead of eating the children of Skyrim and wasting their flesh. We should Make all boys and girls (ages 3 to 7) to work in factories. It would save lives, causes the mothers less emotional damage, they will be happy to know that their children are alive and bringing in some type of income. Boys (ages 8 to 20) will be automatically drafted into the military/guards, they could help bring to this senseless civil war. Girls ages (12 and up) will automatically be forced to either become prostitutes, join the military/guards, or become breeders. Sure, this may cause a influx of STD's, but well take care of that problem later. This will cause an economic rise and they will not be forced to live day to day off of scraps. And we wont have to kill any children. Lets not waste what we have, use every resource( I plan to use the female resources many times).---BRICK SQUAD!!!! BOW! BOW!BOW!!!

Interesting. but u are forgettingtamriel has no factories (but tell me if im wrong).Also, my idea is for both sides of the war, ur idea to raise children to be guards would only increase the war, since there would be more soldiers. my idea is far more efficient economically seeing that the children will be useable after just a year old. Also, since you intend to pul ALL males in the guard positions, there would be no-one to make anything such as furniture. The economic rise form selling children, however, is very good, seeing as skinning them to make clothing and such will create much more jobs and income.

well, i may have to write an industrialization informative essay...see you in a few hours!!!!
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pls dont tell me ur serious, i copied+pasted and changed a few words and took out half of it.
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I have to do this in school anyway, so i might as well....