Am I going insane? Dunmers are blue.

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5 years ago#41
Smurf Shall pledge their allegiance to the Mad God
5 years ago#42
ah yes Smurfydia
You are correct Jerk-it Smurf. Something even brainy smurf cannot cure.
5 years ago#43
Yes we Smurf are now allied with the Madgod Sheogorath.
He shall aid us in the battle against Gargamel.

But he is a trickster as we know so he has granted us a magic rock that when we throw it and hit Gargamel he becomes cursed to become a Were-Sheep at least once a week.
5 years ago#44
Oh please not friday
5 years ago#45

Again, oh god what have I done?

5 years ago#46
Ah yes...Friday
The official Smurf theme song
Sung by our very own Rebecca Black Smurf.
Her voice is trained to make heads explode and drive people mad.
So heres the plan... We wait until Gargamel is a Were-Sheep and sneak her into his castle all oceans 11 style (Except with smurfs). He will then find a nasty surprise when he returns from eating his delicious grass and shruberies.
Our Smurfydia infected spy Smurfette will immediately pounce on his face and proceed to hump his brains out and then we cue the music from Rebecca Smurf....
Ah the sound is defening...A wale like a Banshee on that one.
5 years ago#47
quit the daring plan... BRILLIANT!
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  3. Am I going insane? Dunmers are blue.

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