Will there be more variety of armor and clothing?

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In Oblivion there was only 4 different sets of Armor that were significant and it bored the mess out of me (one of the only flaws of the game)...

will there be Unique Pieces of armor (Black Hand Robe, Raiment of Intrigue, of even the Grand Champion Raiment for example..)

I need to know this if im gonna make my ideal Dark Elf Assassin...
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Time will tell, Padawon. Time will tell.
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There will be unique clothes and armour and weapons.
There will be more variety in both armour and weapons, one example being that each race has a certain set of armour.
(Orcish armour, khajiit armour, etc)

Find the sources yourself if you don't believe me, I'm too hungover to go look for you.
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You can also ride dragons!
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If there isn't enough I'll just mod myself some badass clothes :D. I've never modded before and have absolutely no idea on how to do it, but I'll try.
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