Something I just realised I love about TES series

#1tDarkNinjatPosted 5/7/2011 3:12:23 PM
Whenever I beat most games I'm kind of sad because I get this feeling of disappointment because when the game is beaten I no longer have anything to do.

But in the elder scrolls you really don't get that. Like when I beat Oblivion 100% (all quest hidden or otherwise, all dungeons explored etc.) at just under 700 hours I didn't feel like I normally do.

Anyone else feel like that?
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#2Megalink286Posted 5/7/2011 3:41:57 PM
Well, I think it's kinda hard to feel like the game ends when you play it for that long. It's different when a free roam game has a story and then nothing, because that actually feels like it has an ending. With ES though, it's more like the story happens, and then everything else. In games like InFAMOUS though, the story ends and there's really nothing else to do except faff about collecting shards or whatever. That's my take on it, anyway.
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#3MasterofTheivesPosted 5/7/2011 3:48:18 PM
That's what I love about this series too.
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#4Devils_AvacadoPosted 5/7/2011 3:49:16 PM
When I finally finished it, I noticed that the last time, since Final Fantasy 7, got this feeling. I was very sad. I prefer things like Fallout and games like that because they agreed to an end.
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#5TheeKingOsirisPosted 5/7/2011 3:52:35 PM
Agree TC.

When I'm done with a certain character, I just start a new game with a different race & play style.
#6ALBELtheWICKEDPosted 5/7/2011 3:59:29 PM

I didn't even bother with the main story of Oblivion until like my 10th character or something and I'd put in well over 100 hours already. I love any game where I can just go off and do whatever and not have to worry about the main quest. Or a game where you're able to venture into higher difficulty areas way beyond your current level and find some kind of exploit to get a foothold an start powerleveling prematurely or something. Final Fantasy 12 and the Disgaea series are excellent for that.

#7tDarkNinjat(Topic Creator)Posted 5/7/2011 7:18:45 PM
Wow I did not think others would feel the same.

But when I finished Oblivion I no longer wanted to make like a new character because I did not want to go through all of the game again. So even though I was no longer sad I still did not want to go through with the entire thing another time.
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#8newNAPOLEANPosted 5/7/2011 7:34:11 PM

yea im with you tc

the first playthrough is always the best for me

i felt like i honestly made a name for my character in my first playthrough of oblivion. *spoilers* I was the champion of cyrodil, the new Crusader of the nine, and Sheogorath him self *spoilers*

nothing else would feel the same. my nord, Achille Ares, WAS a hero and i cant duplicate that

#9da_gamaPosted 5/7/2011 7:54:09 PM
Has anyone here ever gone to UESP and just started reading random things from the lore section? You can really learn a lot about the series, possibly more then you know now. It's quite interesting.
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#10couchtater12345Posted 5/8/2011 12:06:26 AM
You should either feel exhaustion or depression for pouring that many hours of your life into a video game lols that's so damn long
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