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5 years ago#1
How are you passing the time untill this nite falls apon yee..
The guy
5 years ago#2
Just kill me and have done!
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5 years ago#3
By playing street fighter 2 turbo like 5 times a day, old games like Silent Hill 1 and Resident Evil 1 and Dino Crisis 1, mega man 3, well that's it recently. Running out of stuff to play.

Coming on here a lot, waiting for E3, oh yeah and the RP in my sig.
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5 years ago#4
Brb in 6 months, gonna go bury myself in snow. Someone come thaw me out on the 11th of November please :D
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5 years ago#5
Time chamber....................
The guy
5 years ago#6
You sure you want us to thaw you out?

(my first idea involved yellow snow)
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5 years ago#7
5 years ago#8
Making more YouTube videos. :D
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5 years ago#9
Probably minecraft, whatever college throws at me, then more minecraft. I actually got to thank this board for unintentionally getting me into that game (the few topics saying "will minecraft affect skyrim sales?"). I also have a few back up games just in case I run out of things to do in MC (which i doubt ill need, I've played for 3 weeks and Im still working on my first city which will be connected to two other towns that at most have one makeshift building for when I start working on them, I'm also considering a capital city even larger than the first which will take no less than 2 months to complete considering how long my current city is taking.
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5 years ago#10
So what do you do in Minecraft? Like what is the point?

My sister plays it but I never played it.

I know you build and stuff, but like what is the point? Or your objective.

I know its in a beta or whatever so I guess there might not really be one yet.

(other than just messing around)

I guess I could "simply google it", but I don't care that much and you already mentioned just slightly wondering.
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