Dunmer VS Argonians

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5 years ago#41

Evilmonkey22556 posted...
FruityCray0n posted...
this made me think....

if a dunmer and an argonian mated....how would the offspring look like?

Hybrids come out as the mother's species, with features of the father.

However, whether or not a reptile and a mammal would even be able to breed complicates this even further.
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Hybrids of this type will be shot on sight, please report sightings as soon as possible.

5 years ago#42
well i could handel a lizarddunmer.
Now a lizardbosmerdun
THAT would be a real atrocity
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5 years ago#43
As a Dunmer fan, this topic saddens me...

We will have our revenge, a la "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith".

Also, a Nundmer doesn't sound too bad. Combination of two of my favorite races: Dunmer and Nord.
"Heaven or Hell... LET'S ROCK!!!"
Epic Winning!
5 years ago#44
The divines finally punished those dunmer for their crimes against humanity.The dunmer are going to get hell in Skyrim, seeing as nords dont like them either. Didnt they also enslave khajit?
5 years ago#45

Epic_McDude posted...
As a Dunmer fan, this topic saddens me...

We will have our revenge, a la "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith".

"Heaven or Hell... LET'S ROCK!!!"
Epic Winning!

My thoughts exactly...

5 years ago#46

it makes me sad to know those dirty, evil, inbred lizards are walking around on the motherland while our dark elf kin are being forced to leave the promised land. im gonna turn on oblivion, make a dark elf, and kill every argonian i can. ugh i HATE those lizards! ARGH!

5 years ago#47
Nothing like some good ol' fashioned Fantasy racism.
5 years ago#48
Dunmers got what was coming to them [:
5 years ago#49
Mayhap there will be a DLC that involves kicking the Argonians back to their swamp.. I think that is good idea personally.

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