so azura is a "good" Daedra?

#1Drizzit_DuddenPosted 5/29/2011 8:44:26 PM
was just wondering also if there were any other good daedra..or any bad aedra...oh thats right Alduin..
#2AlleRacingPosted 5/29/2011 9:02:14 PM
There are a few who are considered 'good', but all of them are pretty much dicks, including Azura.
#3Ninja_GaignunPosted 5/29/2011 9:08:53 PM
there is no "good" or "bad" only one of the mer sects sees some as good and others bad.

they all do what they want.
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#4kingcodebraPosted 5/29/2011 9:10:22 PM
Peryite's aiight by me. Meridia seems on the side of good too.
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#5Ninja_GaignunPosted 5/29/2011 9:16:25 PM
I always saw the deadra as the same as the "wishmaster".
The story goes that they are the opposite of creation (Nirn) they may help there followers, but its never without reasons of there own.
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#6gungunn101Posted 5/29/2011 9:26:48 PM
Malacath seems pretty good to me. He's sort of like that guy who protects the ugly kids from being bullied.
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#7Drizzit_Dudden(Topic Creator)Posted 5/29/2011 9:27:18 PM
Lol i just replayed Morrowind and my understanding prior to that was that they all just follow their given nature. Like they can't really control themselves. Like god powerful infants. Dagon on a never ending tantrum to break what he doesn't like. Haermours Mora taking everything for himself to look at it and go oooooooooh. That sort of thing. Then in morrowind it said something about the 3 good daedra so i was curious. Thanks
#8kingcodebraPosted 5/29/2011 9:40:18 PM
<3 Wishmaster
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#9XxDICE_ICExXPosted 5/30/2011 8:19:53 AM
Daedric Princes have no Mortal Morals, they just do what they please.
Some have pure hatred to mortals and love destruction and madness or other extreme tendencies. While others such Azura, Nocturnal, Peryite, Sheogorath, and Jyggalag are usually considered "good"
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there are some that are considered evil. molog bal and mehrunes dagon are evil so is mephela
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