PS3 vs. 360

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It's a PORT from a 360 game to the PC and PS3, not from the PC to the consoles. It won't look any better on the PC, besides maybe slightly higher resolution.

I know it's been said before but I keep reading how everyone thinks the PC version will blow everyone away in terms of graphics. It won't any more than the consoles will."

This guy from the 360 board says this, but every link i've gone to says it's been designed on the platforms first. Where does it say that it was designed on the 360 and THEN ported to the other two platforms?

Here's a link regarding my question:

Again, even he says "we used the CONSOLES as our lead SKU". When was it made clear in any article/video that it was made primarily on the 360
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I guess it's an assumption since the gameplay they have shown has been from the 360 version, and not the PC or PS3.
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i hate these freaking topics

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^ so don't waste your (or especially MY) time by posting useless responses..find something better to with ur little pony or something. Anyways, just curious to see what people think the outcome will be in terms of which will have the better version or if you think the differences IN TERMS OF GAMEPLAY will be negligible.
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^ i agree. Anyway PC wins no matter what. :P
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I see sniping.. any sources say that the vids/pics that they've shown have been from the 360? Just curious..
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I thought traditionally games are made with computers so it would be logical to port from PC to console, maybe they just mean the 360 version is their flagship SKU since it'll probably sell the most copies. It would be a shame if they developed on the 360 though, I'd feel pretty disappointed to get an inferior product for the hardware I was running (Just stating the facts)
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There's at least one, the gameplay shown at E3.
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The reason why PC is ganna be better, is that it can MOD 100x better then any of the other systems, you can add amazing texture packs making the graphics even better. i know you can now MOD on the XBOX 360, but not sure about the PS3.
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its very obvious that the 360 version is the lead platform. so it will look better than the ps3 version