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5 years ago#1
Seeing as how the Thieves Guild still exists, are you hoping to see the current Gray Fox, or the Guild leader of Skyrim? As a side note, I wonder if Nocturnal ever got her cowl back.
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5 years ago#2
The only "guild leader" is the Gray Fox, but yeah, I'd like to see him in the game.
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5 years ago#3

The Thieves Guild isn't a continent wide organization. I believe the thief guilds from the different provinces have contact among each other (if only to exchange contracts) but they don't have the same structure. Unlike the Mage and Fighter's guild which were Imperial sanctioned organization (and disappeared along with the Empire after the Septim line ended).

So I think the thieves' guild in Skyrim will be very different from the one in Cyrodiil and I doubt there is a Gray Fox. Morrowind had a thieves' guild as well and there wasnt a Grey Fox either.

5 years ago#4
Gray Fox was such a disappointing character.
5 years ago#5
imouttammo posted...
Gray Fox was such a disappointing character.

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5 years ago#6

imouttammo posted...
Gray Fox was such a disappointing character.

Agreed, especially when he kept saying "Capital!" I don't know why, but it angered me.

5 years ago#7
Maybe they'll have a new variant of him.

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5 years ago#8
The Blue Marmasect
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5 years ago#9
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5 years ago#10
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