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User Info: SkoalFenwick

5 years ago#1
Is destroying previously enchanted items the only way to learn enchantments or is there another means of learning enchantments?

User Info: adaptableyeti

5 years ago#2
i dont think ive read anything about it but im sure there are other ways. thats just a way to get a specific enchantment you want.
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User Info: Ki_cat_

5 years ago#3
You can still enchant items with your learned spells probably.
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User Info: Great_Pagliacci

5 years ago#4

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User Info: DroLeo420

5 years ago#5
Ki_cat_ posted...
You can still enchant items with your learned spells probably.

Nah, I don't think so... I'm pretty sure for balance reasons, you need to disenchant something to learn the enchantment. I THINK I remember reading that, not 100% sure though. I personally like it. Learning certain effects for enchantments can make you very powerful. This is a nice way to balance it, plus if I'm a one handed sword user, and I find a Greataxe of Searing Immolation (lol, fire), I'll have a use for it, besides selling it for a few extra coins.

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