Embalming Tools?

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5 years ago#1

In this pic, if you look in the inventory list, you can see Embalming Tools; anybody want to hazard a guess as to what these are for? Maybe part of expanded Necromancy this time around? (I posted a similar question in another topic, but people there seemed more interested in arguing about the graphics.)
5 years ago#2
Random clutter or taxidermy?
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5 years ago#3
MC2011 posted...
Random clutter or taxidermy?

With all the desire to play as a Necromancer, I really hope they wouldn't put something like that in just as clutter! Maybe you can use them to make stuffed creatures for your house, like Battlehorn castle?
5 years ago#4
That's interesting, and I saw that there's a group of 2 and another group of 3. So maybe they're different tools, or at different levels (like expert and master alchemy equipment, for instance?)

Holy crap I'm unreasonably excited about that!
5 years ago#5
Taxidermy would be soooooooooooooo sick.
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5 years ago#6
TanSocks posted...
Taxidermy would be soooooooooooooo sick.

PETA would agree, but in a very different way.
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5 years ago#7
I could see the ability to create stuffed creatures, then be able to drop and drag around for placement in your home...

It would be pretty awesome. Hopefully you could also get pelts from unique creatures to turn into trophies.
May God have mercy on your soul... - The Preacher
Because I sure as hell won't. - The Gunslinger

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